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MCInternational, Inc. is committed to keeping its customer base as well as their inventions, patents and product lines confidential.


We listen to our customer's requirements to maximize product functionality within the parameters of the designated target market.


We look at your manufacturing expenses while turning your inventions and new product concepts into reality. Reviewing your entire product base to keep your soft goods in line with the goals and objectives of your company and synchronized with the ever changing marketplace.

Production Ready:

We will provide you with a final prototype, product patterns and bill of materials as part of our design consulting service from which you can immediately commence production.

"Your Business Succeeds with New Innovations.
Your Business Thrives with New Products.
MCInternational, Inc. is Dedicated to
Contribute to the Confidential Design and
Development of New Ideas, Inventions and
Products that will Increase your Market

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Confidentially Designed in the USA